New Lexus GX for Sale in Carlsbad, CA


The New Lexus GX at Lexus Carlsbad!

At Lexus Carlsbad in San Marcos, CA, we have the Lexus GX for you to explore. If you want a refined SUV with luxurious details, check out the Lexus GX at Lexus Carlsbad. This SUV has premium features such as Apple CarPlay as well as seating for seven passengers.

Performance Features

If you are in the San Diego area, you may want to take your new Lexus GX for an off-roading adventure. Consider this vehicle because it has standard four-wheel drive and does well on different terrains. In addition, the Lexus GX has multi-terrain select, which allows you to choose the three you are driving on it to have better control over the handling of this SUV. There is also an adaptive variable suspension, and the transfer case can also run in a locked or unlocked move.

Technology Features

If you drive around El Cajon and Escondido and your Lexus GX SUV, you may enjoy the wide 10.3-inch touch screen display. This display allows you to access the camera and your sound system and integrate your cell phone with Apple CarPlay. There is also Android Auto capability which allows you to access your compatible apps such as WhatsApp, Pandora, and Spotify. Also, there is Alexa built-in to the Lexus GX, allowing you to access your Amazon music and other Amazon and Alexa features. You can also access your contacts through your smartphone and then use Bluetooth or USB to get in touch with your business contacts or friends and family as you drive. The 4G Wi-Fi is an excellent feature for your passengers regardless of how long your trip is.

Safety Features

The Lexus GX has extensive safety features. So if you are looking for a luxury SUV with premium safety features to drive in the area, this is a top option for most people. Not only are there ten standard airbags in the Lexus GX, but there is also intuitive parking assist and trailer sway control. The blind-spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert is a great feature and the high-speed dynamic radar cruise control. The intelligent high beams are an excellent addition to the Lexus GX because you don't have to worry about switching back and forth from high and low beams while driving during the night. There is also a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, a wonderful feature for driving in a city with many pedestrians.

Design Features

The top design features for the Lexus GX include the Lexus memory system. This system is excellent if you have more than one driver for your Lexus GX. Also, there are sliding middle row seats as well as reclining middle row seats. The third-row seat folds flat, which makes it easy to accommodate additional cargo. The front seats are also heated and ventilated, which is terrific in extreme temperatures.

The exterior design and features for the Lexus GX include a power moonroof. This power moonroof is not only stylish, but it also allows you and your passengers to get plenty of fresh air. In addition, well-designed premium triple-beam LED headlamps and privacy glass gives this Lexus premium exterior styling. The roof rails are also a great touch if you don't have enough space inside the Lexus GX. Consider getting attachments for the roof rails so that you can take your bikes or add additional luggage to the roof if you are traveling longer distances outside of the Carlsbad area. No matter where you go, the exterior of the Lexus GX will ensure that you get attention while driving it, as this Lexus is an eye-catching and well-designed vehicle that looks great in town and off-roading!

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