At Lexus Carlsbad, we have a collection of pre-owned Lexus RX crossover SUVs. This model is lighter than the standard SUV, and when you browse through our used Lexus RX inventory, you'll find we offer a collection that is just as nice as a new one for a lower price. There are several reasons a used Lexus RX makes a great purchase in Carlsbad.

Save Money

Buying a used Lexus RX at our dealership in San Diego helps you save money since they've already taken the initial depreciation hit by the original owner. A new model declines in value by 20 percent in the first year, reflected in the sale prices on our lot. You'll also save money on insurance premiums, registration fees, and sales taxes since they're lower on used vehicle purchases.

Seating Capacity

The Lexus RX seats up to five passengers and depending on the model and trim you select from our pre-owned inventory, and you can find one configured with three rows to seat up to seven people. There is also plenty of cargo space to hold all kinds of personal items, luggage, and anything else you need to store.


El Cajon drivers are often reluctant to purchase a used vehicle because they are afraid of getting something that isn't reliable. However, when purchasing a used Lexus RX in Escondido at our dealership, you can rest assured your vehicle is reliable and in excellent condition. As long as you stay on top of the recommended service and maintenance intervals, you'll likely be able to drive your Lexus for many more years than other used models.

More Bang for Your Buck

In addition to the depreciation that occurs in the first year, Lexus RX SUVs retain their value much longer, making it more likely to get a higher amount of money when it comes time to sell it or trade it for another model. You can get more for your money by purchasing a pre-owned model, knowing you'll get more value for your money wrapped in a luxury vehicle.

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