With a selection of renowned, high-quality, luxurious cars and SUVs, it's an easy decision to choose Lexus above other brand names. But how do you know which world-class Lexus is right for you? Lean on the pro team at Lexus Carlsbad. We can help you make the right choice for your needs because we have the inside scoop on every model in our collection, including the compact and eye-catching Lexus UX crossover.

The smallest SUV in the Lexus collection, there's a lot to know and love about the new Lexus UX models in our collection. To illustrate what makes it a great entry into the luxurious Lexus family, and what makes it a great fit for your next set of wheels, we've highlighted three key things to know and love about it for you here:

  1. Size and maneuverability. Whether you find yourself commuting through San Diego traffic every morning or parking in crowded lots in El Cajon, you'll find that the Lexus UX is a prefect size for navigating and getting around. Petite on the outside but spacious on the inside, it strikes the perfect balance of size and comfort.
  2. Standard features. A high-end Lexus model, the UX comes with a nice, long list of the features and tech amenities that our customers are looking for as standard equipment. Plus, it also has a variety of add-on amenities and special packages available, to help you personalize the ride and get the features you want.
  3. Fuel economy. The Lexus UX is available either as a hybrid SUV or with gas power. But regardless of which one you prefer, you can look forward to impressive fuel economy ratings and efficiency on both. The EPA rating for the gas-powered UX is 32 mpg combined, while the rating given to the hybrid option is a nice 39 mpg combined.

Discover all the reasons why you should choose Lexus, and the Lexus UX, today, by visiting us in person. We're conveniently located near the Escondido and San Marcos, CA area and we look forward to setting you up behind the wheel of a luxurious and world-class Lexus soon.

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