Stay on Top of Maintenance For Your Lexus Model

Having your Lexus model serviced regularly ensures that it functions efficiently. Our team at Lexus Carlsbad wants you to stay informed on what parts of your Lexus model need maintenance and when with the following maintenance schedule. Our trained service professionals will keep your Lexus model in tip-top shape. Our service center in Carlsbad is a short drive from San Diego, El Cajon, and San Marcos, CA.

Important Mileage Markers

By 5,000-miles, bring in your Lexus model to have the engine oil and oil filter replaced. Doing so ensures that your engine runs smoothly. A tire rotation and brake pad inspection are required to make sure your Lexus model works well.

By 10,000 miles, take your Lexus model in for a run-of-the-mill inspection. Your Lexus vehicle will need an oil change, a tire rotation, and a brake pad inspection. A service professional will inspect the nuts and bolts on the chassis. Your Lexus model will also undergo a standard road test.

By 20,000 miles, your Lexus model will need its engine oil and filter replaced. A tire rotation and a road test are best at this mile-marker.

By 30,000-miles, bring your Lexus car or SUV in for a more thorough inspection involving measuring brake pad thickness and replacing the air conditioner filter and the brake fluid.

By 40,000-miles, your Lexus model will need a routine inspection, including the engine oil and the oil filter replacements to ensure the engine is in good condition. A tire rotation, brake pad inspection, and a road-test detect if your Lexus model is in proper working order.

By 50,000-miles, bring in your Lexus model to replace the engine oil and oil filter. The tire rotation makes sure the tires wear evenly. The brake pad inspection ensures that the brakes work properly. A road-test is always generally suggested to make sure your Lexus model can drive with ease.

By 60,000-miles, your Lexus model undergoes a more exhaustive inspection, including replacing the engine oil, oil filter, and engine air filter to keep the engine running well. Brake pads and rotor runout are measured, and replacing the brake fluid ensures the brakes work properly. Replacing the transmission fluid, a tire rotation, and a road-test is best at this time.

By 70,000-miles, we recommend another engine oil change and oil filter replacement . A tire rotation keeps an even wear on your tires. The brake pad inspection ensures your brakes are in good condition and identify any small issues before they become a safety hazard. A road-test makes sure your vehicle is functioning efficiently.

By 80,000-miles, bring in your Lexus model to have its engine oil and oil filter replaced. It is a good time for a tire rotation, brake pad inspection, and a road test.

By 90,000 miles, bring in your Lexus model for a more exhaustive inspection involving the general process plus much more. At this time, we recommend having the brake pads measured and the brake fluid replaced. Replacing the air conditioner filter ensures that the air conditioner works properly. The chassis inspection ensures your handling and ride comfort stay at their best . The inspection ends with an engine air filter and timing belt replacements, a road-test performed on your Lexus model.

By 95,000-miles, our Lexus service professionals will replace your engine oil and oil filter. This service keeps the engine working at an optimal level and maximizes its longevity. A tire rotation helps to prevent tire blowouts and to help you get the most out of your tires. A brake pad inspection verifies your stopping distances are safe. A road test ensures your vehicle works smoothly.

By 100,000-miles, you can expect another oil change and oil filter replacement. A service professional will rotate the tires, inspect your brake pads, and perform a road-test.

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