Our Lexus dealership wants the opportunity to sell local buyers with top new and pre-owned models. We also wish to help current owners take care of their vehicles. The service department in Carlsbad provides many options for routine maintenance. The technicians may even make recommendations. Right now, many recommend replacing air filters due to the effect of the wildfires on air quality.

Wildfires Raise Awareness

Raging wildfires increase the public's awareness of the dangers San Marcos CA wooded areas face. Besides the fire, smoke enters the air and creates a hazardous impact on air quality. Air filters inside a vehicle also struggle to deal with the impurities. Air filters may end up working much harder to deal with the change in air quality. So, Lexus owners must stay on top of service and replace the air filters often. This way, a newer air filter supports better air quality while driving.

The Purpose of an Air Filter

An air filter might not be the part that comes to mind when Lexus owners think about maintenance. Air filters do serve a vital purpose, though. Filters capture dirt, dust, and other particles. The engine air filter keeps such pollutants out of the engine's components. The cabin air filter addresses air quality inside the vehicle. During the wildfires, both air filters may clog quickly. San Diego drivers should be concerned with both but worries about cabin filters might now increase.

Inspecting the Air Filters

Changing the filters when they become clogged makes sense. So does keeping tabs on them when El Cajon environmental factors change. When bringing your vehicle to Lexus Carlsbad for oil changes, tire service, brake inspections, or wheel alignments, ask the technician to look at the engine and cabin air filters. If they look dirty, the technician could recommend changing them.

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